Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rules for Speed Hirelings (Revised Edition)

EDIT: Updated this bad boy with the new races and some tweaks! Also sometime between initially writing this and the final version, I switched from descending to ascending AC. Uh oh... Also, elves shouldn't be hirelings. They're too weird and living in another dimension or going adventuring on their own.

So I'm working on a one-shot for Labyrinth Lord that I can run with my Friday (now switching to Saturday) gaming group. We play a bit of everything, and I'm really stoked to get into some simple rules, whip up characters fast and get to the game without messing around learning the rules and all the other stuff that slows us down every time we play a new system for a day.

With that in mind, I've been looking for ways to speed up character creation wherever possible. The acquisition of henchmen/hirelings is one spot. In the LL book, it says the PC should make an offer, then roll on the reaction table to see how well it is received, perhaps make another offer, roll again, back and forth etc. Since I want to start the PCs right outside the dungeon ready to roll, I need a way to speed this up and reduce it to one roll the PC can do on their own, no decisions or negotiation needed.


Roll 2d6, modified by your Reaction adjustment, remember high CHA is a negative modifier (gives you a number from 0-14)

COST: Add 10 SP to your reaction roll, this is the hireling's initial cost. He/she expects a 1/2 share of treasure going forward.

RACE: Consult chart based on your reaction roll:

0-3 Goblin
4-6 Subhuman
7-9 Human
10-11 Dwarf
12-14 Sea Blood


Goblin - 1d6 HP, AC 12, padded armor, club, knife, sling
Subhuman - 1d8 HP, AC 13, padded armor, club, shield
Human - 1d6 HP, AC 12, padded armor, spear
Dwarf - 1d8 HP, AC 13, leather armor, axe, shield
Sea Blood - 1d6 HP, AC 12, leather armor, javelin, short sword

All ability scores are assumed to be 10 until & unless the PC dies and their hireling has to step on up. At this point roll ability scores and choose a class if necessary.

There you have it! One 2d6 roll, write down henchman's name and standard equipment. Note down saves and attack roll (if there's no one else in the party that uses the same table) then get your ass in the dungeon.

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