Saturday, July 25, 2015

Time waits for no DM

Jeez, again I let things slide so terribly! A few shakeups in life and it all just goes pear-shaped. Well, I have once again dusted off this Arthurian / Realms of Crawling Chaos game and I'm thinking of new ways to improve it. There is still a fundamental, gaping difference in core assumptions between two settings that I'm endeavoring to mash together. I feel like something will suffer greatly in the translation, yet I persist because it's all the stuff I like, and if I can't have ice cream on my pizza then I'm not hungry.

Still toying with the idea of taking out Clerics. They are essential in some ways, but it would add to the mystique of all the weird cults of the Ancient Ones if you had to nervously go in to their creepy church and listen to a lecture about Yog-Sothoth before any healing could happen. Also, God doesn't really care about you. On the flip side, religion is a huge deal in Arthur's world - but even there the priests just stay in church, they don't go around kicking ass and doing quests. How about relations between the religions? This goes to the political climate and all those decisions and possibilities, but how about the Elder Gods? How are they viewed, by whoever actually knows about them?

And what about that damn political climate? Do I set the game during Arthur's rise to power, before the Round Table is established? It's easier for adventurers to distinguish themselves, or change the world in some way, or get into and out of trouble, because it's still complete chaos after the Roman withdrawal. On the other hand, why bother calling it 'Arthurian' if Camelot isn't even built? Although the rule of law during Arthur's time doesn't leave much room for standard PC behavior - and it might be tough to say "fuck those city guards anyway" when you know your character lives under the rule of a perfect king.
More bloody details to obsess over. Some of these things I "decided" already, and have now second-guessed. Maybe better to focus back on the small things, like the dungeon where most of the game happens!

Well, this is the last iteration of my one-page newbie chargen sheet, just for laughs. Subject to change as always, but this is what the players saw the last time I ran the game. It's great because everyone knows what's up without rulebooks or explanations or edition-fights. Easy, takes no time and we can move on to playing the damn game.

*Note: ideas relentlessly cribbed from everyone and everywhere - you will probably see something familiar*


Stats: Roll 3d6 straight down the line. 8 and below or 13 and up gets you modifiers.
You can get bonus XP for *low* prime requisites in your class (3-5 +10%, 6-8 +5%).

Fighters: STR, 1d8 HP, any armor/shield, only class to use Magic Swords.
Clerics: WIS, 1d6 HP, any armor/shield, turn undead, follow your god’s dictates.
Magic-Users: INT, 1d4 HP, no armor, spellbook has 1d3 1st-levels, 1 2nd-level.
Dwarves: STR, 1d8 HP, infravision 60 ft, stonecunning 2/6, any armor/shield. Germanic. Pale, corpse-like skin with black eyes and hair. Their voices sound like the buzzing of bees, and they are almost as tall as humans but constantly stoop & hunch over.
Goblins (aka Boggarts, Brownies, Gnomes, Bogies, etc): CON/DEX, 1d6 HP, no shields, hide (wilderness 90%, underground 2/6), +1 on missile attacks. Short tough fucks who live outdoors, in dungeons and in remote areas. Native to Britain. Gnarled dark rumpelstiltskin lookalikes, crazy shit-disturbers who love danger and treasure.
Elves: STR/INT, 1d6 HP, infravision 60ft, secret doors 2/6, no shields, 1d2 1st-level spells. Fae-folk with no consistent appearance, varies by CHA and random tables are involved. Between sessions, elves reside in their native regions of Annwn, otherwise inaccessible.
Sea Bloods: STR/WIS, 1d6 HP, any armor/shield, secret doors 2/6. From the lineage of the Deep Ones. They might not know their true origins. Gradually develop a distinctive “fishy” appearance over time. Fighters with innate clerical magic.

Alignment: Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic. Affects religion and interaction with some NPCs.

Languages: Everyone gets 2 languages - their native, and one of their choice (Brythonic, Gaulish, Anglish, Saxon, Pictish) Only magic-users get extras for high INT, they pick from a special list.

Christianity: (Jesus, Satan, Catharism, Anti-Nicene Heresy)
Germanic Paganism: (Thor, Odin, Tyr, Loki, Balder, Heimdall, etc)
British Paganism: (Lugh, Brighid, Morrigan, Arawn, etc)
Outer Gods/Old Ones: (Esoteric Order of Dagon, Church of Starry Wisdom, Cthulhu Cult, etc)

Spells: roll 1d12 for each spell you know, tell me each result.

Social Class: Roll 3d6 for your Social Class - 11 or higher you’re a knight, 18 you are a Prince or Princess! Don’t expect many freebies though. Multiply this number by 10 for your starting cash.