Saturday, October 1, 2011

let his blood flow, let our crops grow, it's time to meet the king

Ok guys, here's my third shot at some Forge stuff. This time it's place names - some of them end up doing nothing for me and I had to hit the generator for a while before I found some I liked. I only have three, but these ones are really cool and I'll be throwing them in my home game. No numbers, just flavor!

ACADEMY OF FRUIT - It is said that high in the mountains, where no caravan might pass and only the strongest or most reckless travelers venture, there is a lush valley. Filled with all manner of growing things, it would provide food for a kingdom if only it could be reached. Why is it there? And who guards it?

The Academy of Fruit is a bizarre monastery set up in bygone days. Insects and hummingbirds fly year-round in this valley of perpetual summer. The monks spend their time tending to their orchards and gardens, growing all manner of sweet things. They press grapes into wine and berries into jelly. In the evening, these monks have tastings - whose apples are the juiciest? Whose wine the most fragrant? And so they pass their days in contemplation of the earth's bounty, free from the sorrows of the world below. They're not interested in enlightenment or any of that stuff - and they certainly frown on any raggedy-ass adventurers stumbling into their monastery to bring trouble.

COIN PORTAL - Old men in the tavern speak of a doorway deep in the dungeon, made of a rare metal more precious than gold. Anyone who dismantled it and carried the pieces to the surface would be filthy rich...

It's a doorway made out of big-ass platinum coins (electrum, mithril, whatever you use make it tempting) which leads into an important room. The coins can be easily taken, but there are only 100 of them. Every time the PCs pull some coins out, roll a d%. See where this is going? Number of coins missing is the % chance the doorway will collapse. Saving throws to dodge as with a similar trap, but roll to see which side of the door each PC ends up on. You can scale this as you like depending on how much wealth you like to give out (200 coins, and each 2 coins are 1% to fall, or 50 coins and each one is 2%, etc).

ZIGGURAT OF SILENCE - Deep in the Drownings, on the bank of a muddy brown lake lies an ancient stone city. Built by the great architects of old, its inscrutable writings and fantastic carved artworks give no clues as to the nature of those ancient beings. The city is built around a stone step-pyramid with 137 stairs, each one almost the height of a man. Upon this pyramid is a powerful enchantment, which encloses it in a field of complete silence.

This has led to some strange cultural developments for the humanoids of the swamp (anything you like - mine are Lizardmen) who currently occupy the ancient city. Their simple folk religion has been changed by the unspeakable carvings inside the Ziggurat. Over the years, many powerful witch-doctors, shamans and sorcerors were born, and learned from the Ziggurat the secrets of Silence. ALL their spells are cast with no verbal components, and they have a form of sign language which they use to signal each other in combat. If you cross them, expect lethally silent ambushes at every turn while you're in the swamps. On the other hand, they can speak and the PCs might get along well if they brought some nice gifts or trade items.

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