Play Reports

City-State of the World Emperor
Running a mix of modules, city adventures and other things.

We tried this game out one day and it was fun.

Land's End II
Using the Sword & Magic rules, in the same world as the first Land's End.

Return to Land's End
Back to Pathfinder after a long hiatus.

Session 0
Session 1 & 2
Session 3 & 4
Session 5
Session 6 & 7
Session 8 & 9
Catching Up: Sessions 10-18!

Sage's Report 1 - The Jaguar-Headed Idol
Sage's Report 2 - A Diary & Curious Book

Land's End (old)
When I started playing Pathfinder after not gaming for years.

Unleashed in the East

The Spoils of Annwn
An experiment.

Session 1

Adventures in other folks' games.

Ganlant's Big Adventure

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