All the new monsters I've put together throughout the years.

Lunar Giant
Monsters from Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup
Puking Demon
Thames Monster & Wolfbats
Blood Skeleton, Witch-hags of Annwn & The Horse Rotorvator
(I can't manage to fix to the text on this one. sorry)
Barrier Wight & Fetch
Needle Ape & some other stuff

Random Monster Generator Shootout!
I break down various published monster-generator books and PDFs. How they work, which ones are good and for what.

Round 1 - Appendix D from the DMG; The Random Esoteric Creature Generator; The Level 1 Creature Generator.
Round 2 - Hyper Diabolism Edition - Lotfp Summon spell; The Guests from Red & Pleasant Land; The Tract of Teratology from No Salvation for Witches.
Round 3 - Turbo-Speed Rainbow Fighting - The Tome of Adventure Design; Spawn of Shub-Niggurath from Carcosa; Hybrid-Beasts from the Gardens of Ynn.
Round 4 - Curse of the RMGS - The Elegant Fantasy Creature Generator; The Monster Machine from Fight On! #2; Weird Gonzo Race Generator.
Round 5 - Spotlight on The Metamorphica Revised
Round 6 - Blogosphere Rabbit Hole Remix - Built by Gods Long Forgotten; Save vs. Dragon; Old Guard Gaming.

Because I love them so much, they get their own special section.

The Slithering Dead
The Drowning Dead
Lich Name Generator

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