Monday, September 7, 2015

Archaeology Megathread

I tripped over this link this morning:

"Archaeology on Steroids"

And this cover was just irresistible when I was 12.
I absolutely love this stuff. Maybe because I bought Palladium's Beyond the Supernatural in a used bookstore when I was twelve. Even back then I knew the system was way out of hand, but all the descriptions of British henges, burial mounds and stone circles were enthralling to my young brain. I wish I still had that book, it had so much detail on the old sites and blurbs about ley lines, what might happen on solstices and equinoxes, why they were built in the first place, cool ideas for why modern culty groups might be interested in them, and things like that.

In the mean time, some research:

Elfmaids and Octopi's awesome d100 megalith table

The Stonehenge hidden landscape project

National Trust Images - searchable, LOTS of content here. Typing in "wight" gave me 766 pictures.

English Heritage

Pictures from all over Britain

These - are all - just - Ireland

Stone circles of Scotland

Map of ancient sites in Britain - This one is a mixed bag, it also has ghosts and the paranormal and everything lumped together.

Megaliths across all of Great Britain - HUGE site

This site looks bloody huge and covers part of Western Europe too

Dolmens, mostly in Italy, with some very cool ideas

Dolmens all over Europe

History of Great Britain from Neolithic to Celtic

Newgrange Passage Tomb

Historic Cornwall

The actual National Trust's website is annoying to navigate, I can't quite find what I'm looking for. Any other links to British monuments, standing stones, barrows, etc. would be appreciated, and I'll stick them here for my own reference. There is already WAY more information than I could ever hope to read, but at least I'll have fun trying. I wonder if anyone has Beyond the Supernatural on eBay?

Now jam this band while staring at all these pics:

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  1. you have enough archaeology there to last you about a year I think. If you absolutely must relive your youth, try this link:

    I've been using old history channel stuff for background noise lately. If I see anything cool and relevant I'll shoot it your way.