Friday, January 7, 2022

Improve your D&D game with this one simple trick!

The other day, I had bought some new three-ring dividers and was rearranging my gaming binders. You know that feeling when you say to yourself: "What order do these go in? Should it be wilderness rules - encounter tables - monster stats - hex key; or wilderness rules - hex key - encounter tables - monster stats?" Or is that just me... 

Anyway, they were looking pretty lame. Plain white binders didn't really convey any sense of adventure. So I got on to and and started poking around for high-res images.

In an hour or so of fiddling with GIMP, I desaturated them for a more vintage feel and played around with brightness/contrast for a kind of halfway-posterized look (this mitigated the graininess of a few that were lower-resolution than optimal). Added some text in my favourite font (Imperator Bold) although I now realize I missed an opportunity to aim for trade dress porn. Then drove down to Staples to print 'em out. Pretty cool, right??

Anyway, it looks like after a holiday hiatus I am back in action with a vengeance, DMing two games this weekend - Land's End II is tonight, then City-State of the World Emperor online tomorrow. More play reports and other fun is in the can, so check back soon!

In the mean time, I got turned on to this music by a legendary old-school gaming forum troll, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it:

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